Three Delicious Greens to Add to Your Plate (Don’t worry, Kale Isn’t on the List)

Don’t eat this…. Don’t eat that… Do you ever feel like people are always telling you what you can’t eat, or shouldn’t eat? Me too. So let’s talk about what we can add to our plate for once.

Green veggies help fight cancer, inflammation, heart disease and liver disease… and contribute to brain health, cell protection, hormone balance and skin health.

Adding cruciferous (dark green, cancer fighting) vegetables, and leafy green vegetables (with antioxidants and dense nutrients) can improve your health and curb your hunger.

These greens not only bring on the good health, but also a sense of satisfaction and well-being. Food that really makes you feel great? Sign me up!

Here are three tasty veggies for you (and your body) to enjoy today:

Broccoli: Broccoli fights cancer, and supports your eye health, immune system and hormone balance. I like this hearty, heart healthy green steamed, bright green and little al dente. Have a healthy recipe for broccoli? Please share with us.

How to steam broccoli perfectly every time:

Green Bell Peppers: Loaded with antioxidants and also known to be anti-inflammatory, green bell peppers taste great hot, cold or stuffed with your favorite healthy protein. How do you eat green peppers?

Vegan Stuffed Peppers:

Brussel Sprouts: Get this, research shows that brussel sprouts may help prevent damage to your DNA, lowering your risk of cancer. Brussel sprouts also appear to stop new blood vessels from growing inside cancer cells! These little cancer fighting super-balls really do pack a healthy punch steamed, roasted or sliced up in a salad. Have a good brussel sprout recipe?
Please share a link in the comments.

Garlic Brussel Sprouts:

Bonus: Spinach: Known, among other things, for its fat burning capabilities… toss a few leaves into your salad…or brownie recipe today.

Spinach Brownies:

These veggies are delicious and healthy, so eat up and enjoy the rewards!

Written by Julia Fikse, NBC-HWC
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
Mental Health and Emotional Eating Certified Health Coach
Weight Loss Certified Health Coach

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