What is NBHWC Certification?

With all of the health issues swirling in our society, health and wellness coaches abound. In fact Health & Wellness Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries- and with good reason. Studies show that people who work with health and wellness coaches not only improve in the short term but are able to maintain their results for the long term-which has significant benefits for life quality and longevity.

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  • How to Stop Eating Sugar

How to Stop Eating Sugar

Sugar comes many of forms. You may be eating refined sugar in candy and baked goods, or consuming high fructose corn syrup in foods like ketchup.

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  • What is a Health Coach?

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach acknowledges your frustration The first thing an excellent Health Coach will do is help you understand that what you are experiencing is normal and part of the process.

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