Weight Loss Help with a Christian Health Coach


Julia Fikse, Health Coach

Manage food successfully.  

Reclaim your life, health and joy!


Do you struggle with food? Is it affecting your self-esteem? Your health? 

Are you discouraged with weight loss, health issues, or surgeries? 

I’ve been there. I understand. I can help. You’re not alone. 

Let’s step on the road to wellness together.

Victory over Food with Christian Health Coaching


Hi! I'm Julia Fikse and I'm so glad you're here visiting my website. I am a Christian Health Coach trained in functional medicine and positive psychology. I specialize in helping women & teens overcome food related struggles- for good.

10-week program highlights:

Identify your unique strengths 

Ignite the power of prayer

Problem-solve daily struggles

Explore the food/inflammation connection

Discover the root causes of obesity

Binging and Emotional Eating

Manage stress-without food

Explore healing self care that works for you

Reclaim your self confidence

Identify and remove strongholds

Create a consistent movement plan

Achieve lifelong wellness you will love!


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