Weight Loss Help with a Christian Health Coach


Victory Over Food
with Christian Health Coaching

Manage food successfully.  

Reclaim your life, health and joy!


Do you struggle with food? Is it affecting your self-esteem? Your health? 

Are you discouraged with weight loss, health issues, or surgeries? 

I’ve been there. I understand. I can help. You’re not alone. 

Let’s step on the road to wellness together.

Julia Fikse, Health Coach


Hi! I'm Julia Fikse and I'm so glad you're here visiting my website. I am a Christian Health Coach trained in functional medicine and positive psychology. I specialize in helping women & teens overcome food related struggles- for good.

10-week program highlights:

Identify your unique strengths 

Ignite the power of prayer

Problem-solve daily struggles

Explore the food/inflammation connection

Discover the root causes of obesity

Binging and Emotional Eating

Manage stress-without food

Explore healing self care that works for you

Reclaim your self confidence

Identify and remove strongholds

Create a consistent movement plan

Achieve lifelong wellness you will love!


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