The truth: as with every industry, some are, some are not.

If you’re looking for a Health and Wellness coach, here are some ways to determine if the person you are considering is “legit.”

1) Is the coach certified?

A legit health coach will have training and a health coaching certification from one or more reputable schools. The National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches has a nationally recognized exam that coaches must take and pass to be recognized as a NBC-HWC. This exam is extensive and covers a broad range of skills and knowledge. It’s a very difficult road to get to the point where you qualify to take the exam. The exam itself requires months of study and it is very difficult. A coach who is serious about health and wellness coaching will have legit certifications, such as NBC-HWC.

2) Is the coach accredited in their areas of specialty?

If a health and wellness coach has gone the extra mile to get accredited in areas of specialty such as gut health, mental health, or weight loss, this is solid indicator that the coach is legit. Look for a coach that specializes in the area you are seeking support. Maybe you need to overcome inflammation for example. Seek out a health coach that specializes in reducing inflammation. Maybe you need to work on your weight, seek out a coach with a specialty in healthy weight loss. A legit coach will often specialize to gain additional knowledge and experience so they can best help their clients.

3) What is the coach selling?

Look at what the coach is selling. If it’s more than just coaching (supplements for example,) do your research to discover if the coach is more interested in hocking a product or helping you meet your goals.

4) Do you feel heard and helped by your coach?

A legit coach has been trained to listen to you, your needs and be your cheerleader. Experienced health coaches know that they are not experts when it comes to your life… you are! Legit coaches are trained and have the tools to help you become your best healthiest self with joy.

Finding coach that is a good fit for you can dramatically improve your health and wellness outcomes. How can a legit health coach help you meet your wellness goals?

Written by Julia Fikse, NBC-HWC, FMCHC
Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
Mental Health and Emotional Eating Certified Health Coach
Weight Loss Certified Health Coach
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Julia Fikse is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, specializing in Functional Medicine, Emotional Eating and Mental Health and Weight Loss. Julia has personally experienced the frustration of weigh gain, weight loss, weight related health issues and emotional eating challenges. Learn more about her journey here:

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