Weight Loss Help with a Christian Health Coach

Victory Over Food Health Coach Program


Victory Over Food Program Highlights

Identify your unique strengths 

Ignite the power of prayer

Problem-solve daily struggles

Explore the food/inflammation connection

Discover the root causes of obesity

Binge eating / Emotional Eating

Manage stress-without food

Healing self care that works for you

Reclaim your self confidence

Identify and remove strongholds

Create a consistent movement plan

Achieve lifelong wellness you will love!

Additional programs:

Healthy sleep and rest 

Managing and reducing stress

Body Image 

Reducing Your Toxic Load

Vision Board Workshops

Teen Programs 

...and more


FREE discovery coaching session: 20 minutes 

Package of Five personalized coaching sessions: $680 (15% savings with package)
Package of Ten personalized coaching session $1280 (20% savings with package)

-This package includes a FREE food sensitivity test

I prefer not to schedule one-time coaching sessions because working through food challenges can take time, however, if that is what works  best for you, I also offer 

60 minute coaching session: $160

30 minute-mini coaching session: $85

This is a vital investment in your future. Consider how much you have spent on weight loss programs weight loss equipment, food, gym memberships... and you're still trying to make it work. (I get it, that was me too.)  Think about what you will spend on medical bills if things don't change. 

Want to reach your goals? What if you learned how to harness what you already have to succeed for a lifetime?  Would the ten weeks be money well spent? 

Coaching Venues

Video Conference: I coach via Zoom because it saves travel time and makes meeting up manageable and easy. 

By phone: I love to coach by phone! Coaching by phone is one of my favorite coaching venues because it is easy and tends to be the most distraction free option. 

By Email: With the purchase of any coaching package, email support between meetings is included. 

Schedule an appointment here: https://onesteptowellness.as.me/

More About Julia

Julia’s passion has always been to help others. In 2004 Julia created Ta-tas® Brand Clothing and in 2008 created the Save the Ta-tas® Foundation, both organizations providing education and donations for the purpose of funding research to save lives in the area of cancer research. Julia received many awards along the way, including being named one of Action Sport’s most influential women in 2011. Julia ran both organizations until 2018 when she decided to switch gears and become a Functional Medicine Health Coach because her greatest joy comes from helping others one-on-one. 

Julia has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California at Davis. She is an avid quilter and lives in Southern California with her husband of 22 years and 10 year old twins.