What is Health Coaching?  Your body, your life experience, your relationship with food is unique to you. The combination of all of these factors, and many more, make your entire body as unique as your fingerprint.  This means that food programs, treatments, even specific “healthy” foods that work for some, simply don’t work for all. Exercise programs that work for some, don’t work for all. Food combination programs that leave out food groups and add others, may work for a lot of people, but they aren’t healthy for everyone. It’s vitally important that we your unique health and life experience. Health Coaching is a personalized approach tailored to discover your unique solutions.  This is why health coaching works, because it’s not about what works for most people…it’s about discovering what works for YOU.  Tthis individualized care results in authentic healing behaviors that are satisfying and sustainable for a lifetime. 

What is Functional Medicine? Functional Medicine is a an approach to medicine that seeks to find the root cause of disease…and treats the root cause, not just the symptoms. Let’s take, for example, over-eating and weight gain. Instead of just treating that with pills or diets or extreme exercise regimens, we’re going to discover the cause of the over-eating and weight gain and work on that together for a healthier outcome and greater sense of over all wellbeing and happiness that is personally tailored to you.

As a Function Medicine health coach I recognize that you are unique person with a singular story and medical history. I will help you find ways to reshape your health, your way, that give you joy and a desire to keep it up for a life time! You and I both know, if we don’t like the options for healing given to us, we’re not going to be able to keep it up for very long. Are you ready to get healthy, feel great, lose the weight – and enjoy the process along the way? There is a path to getting where you want to be, a path that fits, is fulfilling (and even fun!) for you. Call me! Let’s gets started today! 

What is Positive Psychology? The term “Psychology” is very broad. It covers a multitude of scientific disciplines and practices. Positive Psychology is a branch of Psychology that began in 1998. Positive psychology studies the strengths humans have that allow them to thrive. It is the scientific study of human flourishing at all levels: biological, relational, cultural, and personal. It’s founded on the premise that people want to live fulfilling lives with meaning to cultivate their “best life” possible in every way possible.  It is the scientific practice of looking at what is right with humanity, focusing on the good that has been proven to achieve better health outcomes, such as: decreased illness, longevity and a better overall quality of life. 

When we work together, we’ll incorporate scientifically proven Positive Psychology techniques to help you discover and best utilize what is in your personal toolbox of positive resources. You will learn how to use these tools to tackle life’s toughest challenges-and enhance your overall wellbeing and sense of meaning and purpose. Let’s get started today.

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