Cloth Face Mask

ADULT sized non-medical face covering. Triple layer. Includes soft, flannel inside layer which is also a pocket for you to add an extra filter if needed. Elastic ear bands and moldable, metal piece over nose bridge for snug, personalized fit. Hand wash and machine dry separately. 100% cotton, new materials.

$15 each/free shipping

Many styles available

Patterns are available while supplies last.

Washing Instructions

  1. Straighten nose wire and remove
  2. Set nose wire aside
  3. Hand wash mask.  You may machine wash it separately in a lingerie bag to preserve the elastic.
  4. Dry in dryer separately, only until dry. Do not over dry to preserve elastic.
  5. Wipe nose wire and replace.
  6. Your mask is ready to wear again. 

By purchasing this mask you understand that it is a non-medical cloth face covering. It is for general use and protection as recommended by local authorities. While it was handmade in a Cornavirus, COVID-19 free, limited exposure and social distancing practicing home, we cannot guarantee what mask comes in contact with during shipping or after opening. Please take precautions when opening and cleaning. Upon purchase you agree not to hold the sellers responsible for any exposure to, or contraction of any disease or illness, including but not limited to Coronavirus or COVID-19.